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 Sainte Clotilde                        

Magnificent neo-Gothic church in Paris, France, dedicated to St. Charles.  more>>       

Sainte Clothilde
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Location:   Paris, France, St-Germain-des-Près

Founded:   Built by Gallu and Bau, construction began in the early half of the 1800s, and
by the 1850s  the basilica boasted twin spires.   The church was consecrated in 1857 and named a minor basilica in 1896.

Short History:   A Roman Catholic church.

Of Interest:   There is another, much less grand church also called Saint Clothilde about 10 miles west of Paris, built in the 12th century and still with relics of its founding saint.

Famous for:  A magnificent ecclesiastic organ and organist, Cesar Frank.
Sainte Clothilde Links:

The official website of Ste-Clotilde , in French.

An article through New Advent about Cardinal Benoit-Marie Langenieux, Archbishop of Reims, which mentions his relationship with Ste-Clothilde, including making the church "the seat of the archconfraternity of prayer." More pictures of Saint Clotilde from the Paris Pages.

A page on the Basilique Ste-Clothilde from Sacred Destinations, France.

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