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Stonecutters in Jerusalem.  Detroit Publishing Company.

Detroit Publishing Photochrom Collection 

Beautiful photographs of Castles, Abbeys, Churches, bridges, and much more from
British Isles, Continental Europe, and the Holy Land.

Of the thousands of Detroit Publishing photographs now available, I have selected a couple hundred to showcase here.   Most castles, churches, and ruins are from the Medieval period, though some date into the modern period. 

Medieval Castles and Gates

Medieval Abbeys, Cathedrals, Churches, Grottos, and Holy Islands.

Traditional Costume and Dress, ca 1900.

Miscellaneous Landscapes, bridges, cultural buildings, and palaces.

The bulk of the photographs I use here were taken between 1890 and 1900, though some were taken as early as 1860.  These photographs were probably taken to satisfy the penny postcard collectors of the turn of the last century, when the post office delivered mail two or three times every day.  As such, they are an idealized representation of both western history and European country life. 

How to make copies of these photographs.

Feel free to download any of the Detroit Publishing photographs to make your own prints.  Each photograph is saved in a resolution
large enough to make prints.  Simply right click the link, and then click 'save as' to save the photograph to your disk.  Make a CD of
all the photographs you saved, and take that CD to your nearest photograph developing kiosk, such as they have at Walmart and other
stores.  There, they can develop your files into photographs.  Ask for the 'matte' finish and your photographs will look even more
beautiful.  If you want files large enough for 11 x 17 prints, use the larger jpgs available as a download on some of the photographs
on these pages, or, log onto the Library of Congress Prints and Publications website and search: 'Photochrom Collection Detroit Publishing.'  You can download tif files directly from the Library of Congress server.

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