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  Abbot Francis Aidan Gasquet                       

Entry from the New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, Vol IV: Draeseke -Goa:

Gasquet, Francis Aidan:  English Benedicine; b. in London Oct. 5 1846.  He was graduated at St. Gregory’s College, Downside, Bath, in 1864, and entered the Benedictine order in 1865, being a postulant at Belmont Priory, near Hereford, 1865-70. and at Downside Priory 1870-74.  In 1874 he was ordained priest, and from 1878 to 1885 was prior of the community, but was compelled to resign on account of ill health.  On his recovery he was appointed by Pope Leo XIII to engage in historical research, and accordingly removed to London.  In 1896 he was appointed a member of the commission of Anglican orders, and during a visit in Rome discovered important documents bearing on the controversy.  Four years later he was appointed abbot president of the English Benedictines, and in this capacity controls four monasteries and over 300 monks.  He has written Henry VIII and the English Monasteries (2 vols., London 1888); Edward VI and the Book of Common Prayer (in collaboration with Edmund Bishop; 1890); The Great Pestilence (1893); The Last Abbot of Glastonbury (1895) ; A Sketch of Monastic Constitutional History (1896); The Old English Bible, and Other Essays (1897) ; The Eve of the Reformation (1900) ; A Short History of the Catholic Church in England (1903) ; English Monastic Life (1903) ; Henry the Third and the Church (1905) ; Lord Acton and his Circle (1906) ; Parish Life in Medieval England (1906) ; and The Black Death of 1348 and 1349 (1908).  He has also edited Montalembert’s Monks of the West (6 vols., London, 1895) ; William Cobbett’s History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland (1896) ; Vita Antiquissima Beati Gregorii Magni (1903) ; and Analecta Anglo-Premonstratensia (1904).

More information can be found at The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church, by Salvador Miranda:

Adding:  Parents: Father Raymon Gasquet, a physician, and Mother Mary Apollonia Kay.  Baptised Francis Neil, nickname 'Frank.'  Served as Librarian (from 1919) and Archivist (from 1929) of the Holy Roman Church.  Died April 5, 1929, Rome, Italy, of pneumonia, and laid in state two days in Rome before burial at Downside Abbey, where he studied, and was ordained in 1874.  


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