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Five maps:  The Houses of the Black Monks; The Houses of the Cistercians; The Carthusians and four orders of Friars; The Houses
of regular Canons; and Nunneries.  These maps are part of the public domain, and come from English Monastic Life by F.A. Gasquet, published in 1904 by Methuen & Co. London.

Click a map below for links to larger versions.

The Houses of the Black Monks
(Benedictine & Cluniac)

Black Monks


The Houses of the Cistercians
(White Monks)

White Monks

The Carthusians and four orders of Friars
at the time of the supression

Friars Map

Houses of the regular Canons Black
(Austin) and White (Premonstarian)

Canons Map


Nunneries Map

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