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Cathedrals of Europe (page two)
  ~ Abbey Pages:  Ruins, Churches, and Cathedrals.

The Photochrom Photograph collection displayed on these pages is dated between 1890 and 1900 and available from the Library of Congress.  The collection includes pictures of abbeys, cathedrals, and churches, and also castles, city gates, bridges, harbors, and other things as well. 

This page is devoted to abbeys and churches.  For Castles and Gates, see my castle pages.  For people and costume, see my costume pages, and for everything else, click here.

I wish I had time to fill these pages with information about each abbey, grotto, tomb, shrine, church and monastery pictured.  But realistically, I just don't.  Fortunately, in today's world, if you need more information, you can google to find it.  Post any info in my comments section if you like. 

Best of all, these photographs are all in the public domain, which means I am free to use them as I like, and so are you!

Enjoy them!!
The Photochrome Collection.  Detroit Publishing Co., 1905.   Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Abbeys, churches and cathedrals:

Abbeys of the British Isles Page One &
more Abbeys of the British Isles Page Two
Cathedrals of the British Isles
Churches of the British Isles
Holy sites & more, British Isles.

Abbeys of Europe
Churches of Europe, Page One &
more Churches of Europe, Page Two &
still more Churches of Europe, Page Three
Holy sites of Europe
Cathedrals of Europe, Page One &
 you are here  »»  more Cathedrals of Europe (and more), Page Two (scroll down).

Holy Sites of the Holy Land Page One &
more Holy Sites of the Holy Land Page Two &
still more Holy Sites of the Holy Land Page Three.

          Abbey cat.

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