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In general, many libraries, museums, univerisities and historical societies have searchable indexes or images from their collections available online.  Check your regional area university and museum libraries for regional archival collections.  (Know a good regional link?  Email me! )
  • Tip:  If you need an image, shop around!  Different institutions charge different use fees.  If you find an image you like, check with local archive and reference librarians to see if they also have that image in their collection, and if it is available less expensively.
General & National Libraries:
  • The US Library of Congress Research Pages through www.loc.gov provides many ways to search.  This link, http://www.loc.gov/library/libarch-digital.html allows you to search many different types of collections, including song, dance, regional studies, and images.  My favorite link for image searches is this one: Prints and Photographs Online Catalog.
  • The Digital Gallery of the New York Public Library, has extensive and wide ranging collections. The site also includes this searchable database, the Mid-Manhattan Library's Picture Collection Online.  This site includes medieval images.  NYPL homepage: http://www.nypl.org/

US Regional Libraries:

  • The Oregon History Project through Oregon Historical Society, which is very well run with an emphasis on fully protecting regional Oregon history.  Homepage: http://www.ohs.org
  • Washington State University Libraries in Pullman, Washington.  Their focus is eastern Washington State, but they also have information for Idaho and Montana. Library homepage: http://www.wsulibs.wsu.edu/  They also have a map collection, which is useful.
  • University of Washington Digital Collections and Special Collections in Seattle, Washington.  Their focus is the Seattle area, with a few photographs from other parts of the state.  Library homepage: http://www.lib.washington.edu/
  • Washington State Historical Society's Research Center.  Unfortunately, their collections are not digitized.  However, you can submit research requests (with donation) via the web.  The library iteslf is located in Tacoma, Washington. Homepage: http://www.wshs.org/
  • The MOHAI Image Galleries, the Museum Of History And Industry located in Seattle Washington, allow you to search and purchase images online. http://www.seattlehistory.org/    Their collection is concentrated on the Seattle area.
New York
  • Free Library of Philadelphia, Photographic Collection Search Page.  Browsing is a little tricky on this site.  Homepage: http://www.library.phila.gov/

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