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    The Saint and the Fasting Girl New!  My first historical
fiction novel, The Saint and the Fasting Girl, is here June 2009! Check it out at

View updates on the publication process on my bio page

Read my article: What is a fasting girl?
My books, Washougal and Fishers Landing, are
available now.  See below for more information.

  Monastic Pages for maps, groundplans, and a little information
         about the monks and nuns of the Middle Ages.  Research texts
         are continually being added to this site. Go>>

  Abbey Pages  What is it I like so much about the huge, stark
         ruins of the Great Medieval Abbeys?  It's like taking a cold, sure
         breath as your heart stands still. I indulge my fascination with
         abbeys here.  Go>>

   Medieval Photographs  Beautiful photographs from the
          Detroit Publishing Company. Castles, Abbeys, and cathedrals,
          and much more showcased here. Go>>

   Bookmarks & Weblinks Find links to research libraries,
           image libraries, and other useful information.  Suggest a link on
           the comment page.

   Saltwater Scrolls My blog on historyfish, what I'm thinking
          Life, history, plumbing, the usual. 

   Historyfish Articles  Browse the community library.  This
          is a sad sort of section at the moment, and I hope to spend
          some time adding to these pages soon.  I am rather fond of the
          "My Computer" article, however. Go>>

Seeking contributors!  If you have some knowledge to share,
or just a wry point of view, consider publishing an article on Historyfish.  Contact me for information.

  Comments & Discussion  Post a comment on the Historyfish
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 Featured on Historyfish :

 Two Rivers Heritage Museum.
 A cozy, newsy small town museum on
         the beautiful Columbia River in
    Washougal Washington.  Go>>

My Books:

A photohistory of Washougal and life
          on the Columbia River at the Columbia
         River Gorge. Learn about Robert Gray's
voyage into the Columbia River. Read about Washougal's Pendleton Woolen Mill
and the Washougal rodeo.

     Fishers Landing
         A photohistory of the Mill Plain and
         Fishers Landing area on the Columbia
         River. Who was Solomon Fisher, anyway?
Read about the thriving river town he built
and how the people of Fishers helped to
build Washington State. Photos of old
Union High School and Fishers Quarry.

Washougal and Fishers Landing
Available now from:
Arcadia Publishing, Amazon, Barnes
          and Noble and from Two Rivers
          Heritage Museum

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